Zizkov Cemetery, Prague

One of the more inspirational places I have had the pleasure of working was at UPP in Prague.


I rented an apartment through AirBB near in the old Jewish Cemetery in Zizkov. For as long as I can remember I have been a fan of Cemeteries and the one in Zizkov out of all of them is the most hypnotic.

Other than sleeping or working on big budget films like Wonderwoman or Allied this is the place were I spent most of my time.

Cemeteries have that timeless nature that reminds us of our own mortality. All the great, wise, talented people that occupy these spaces once had thoughts and worries. Just like living.

I returned from Prague in the Spring. Leaving Zizkov and it’s dead to rest in peace.

Abe’s Story

In Victorian London, Abe an obscure Irish writer struggles to find inspiration while he balances the demands of his hectic day job as theatre manager.

Starring Colin O’Donoghue as Abe, David Bamber as Henry, Owen Roe as Richard and Jonathan Ryan as Arminius Abe’s Story takes it’s visual inspiration from Victorian Shadow puppet theatre.

Written by Adam H. Stewart and Garry Walsh Abe’s Story represents the first foray into animation for Snackbox Films and will premiere at the 2019 Galway Film Fleadh in July.


Another day at the office


The process of photo surveying  involves taking multiple photographs (50-100)  from various angles of an object which is then used by 3D software such Photoscan to create a 3D model.


Today I was photographing Crucifixes for Penny Dreadful Season 3.  An average of 70 shots each, and there were 10 different variations.


No prizes for guessing what I’ll be seeing when I close my eyes to go to sleep tonight…….

Penny dreadful Season 3

photo 1 photo IMG_3312 346C9557

For the last four months I’ve been working on the Showtime TV Series Penny Dreadful currently  shooting it’s 3rd season at Ardmore Studios, Bray Ireland.  I’m in the VFX department working with Supervisor James Cooper and much of my work has been under NDA so I can’t really post much, until the show airs that is …




london baby


LONDON BABY focuses on the relationship of two women, Lauren and Natalie, who live together in London. 


As the strong-willed Lauren looks to secure their relationship with a child, free spirited Natalie seeks ways to maintain her freedom.


The short films proposes that deep down in our hearts, we all know the reason we are alone.


The film runs 12 minutes and  features an all star indy soundtrack with  Clap your Hands and Say Yeh,  Arpline and Cuushe.  Shot guerrilla style using canon 7D & Nikkor primes.


Staring Aimee Rivers & Suzanne Wilson / Written – Aimee Rivers / Produced – Aimee Rivers & Suzanne Wilson /  Director, Editor & Cinematographer – Adam H Stewart

timeline animations


I came across the example above with a youTube search. I don’t know much about the creator but it looks to my eye to be fully created in  After Effects. it is unlikely that any  3D models were used are some particle effects and likely stock footage elements.


A very clean example. It looks to have been created using After Effects with the plug in SURE TARGET. It relies heavily on illustrated vector elements. Apart from the tedious music it’s not bad work. It does get a little tedious,  illustrating how important it is to change up the tricks you use to keep the viewer interested.


This isn’t exactly a timeline, but  it is a great example of making old photography come alive . This piece of music is also great and they’re is nice sound design and over all graphic treatment and great use of minimal stock footage like birds, nicely done.


This is some of my work from my time at 1K Studios in sunny California. Not exactly a timeline per say,  it was created using static photography with place holders for photographs. The camera moves and moving images in the picture frames  were add in post with After Effects. Lots  of work went into Props and lighting for this animation and that is were the majority of the time was spent. The Art Director and Animator was the mega talented HIDEO IGAWA.


This is a much more complex, with heavy use of full 3D CGI models, sound design and documentary style footage, it’s quite brilliant created by  the PIC, if you want to know more check this great article at THE ART OF THE TITLE


With heavy use of particle systems this is an eye catching timeline of sorts. Similar to The Kingdom you also have great use of video footage threaded through the sequence. You also notice how important music is for setting the tone of a piece. Find out more here THE ART OF THE TITLE







elgin park

As a model maker in the 3D realm I find this story fascinating.   ‘Elgin Park is a lot of things: a 1950’s utopia, a fantastical world, and an optical illusion. Artist Michael Paul Smith’s imaginative town – composed entirely of miniatures.’  

View Michaels work on his Flickr page: flickr.com/photos/24796741@N05/

Director: Danny Yourd (twitter.com/dannyyourd)
Cinematographer: John Pope
Production Company: Animal (animaleast.com)
Editor: Mike LaHood
Sound Design/Mix: Defacto Sound

bluemarlin 2015

2D & 3D animation, editing and sound design created under contract for the award winning international branding company bluemarlin in London. software used After Effects, Cinema 4D and Premiere. Creative director: Ian Catling. Communication Director: Aimee Rivers.