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Lemon Druids

futuristic clockwork druids for lemon magazine Kubrick issue
futuristic clockwork druids for lemon magazine

I have the opportunity of a job with the legendary Disney Imagineers in Burbank CA. To say it is a dream job it is an understatement. Imagineers design Disney theme park rides, which is cool enough but when you think about the recent acquisitions of Pixar, Star Wars, Star Trek, Marvel you can only imagine what kind of crazy fun stuff they are working on.

They asked for examples of modelling work so I dug out the boards above, these were a series of models I created for an indie American Magazine called Lemon, the Stanley Kubrick issue. I also created HAL from 2001 and one for the cover.

animation design boards

for the last sixteen years I have worked as freelance animator in los angeles, dublin & london. I came across some design boards I used for a job pitch, Ithought they were pretty cool and worth sharing. the 3d software I pimarily use is maya for rendering and animation, Zbrush for organic modelling, but I also know, 3dsmax, Cinema 4d, Realflow and vray is my renderer of choice.

here my 3d animation reel.


lights going from floor to ceiling

3d printing

nice primer film by time magazine on 3d printing some scanning thrown in, especially like the personalized 3d printed sex toys…

maker bot 3d replicators from CES this year, lovely looking consumer and prosumer  machines

large scale 3d printing – Object 1000

metal printing technique, this is similar to the lost wax technique used in traditional sculpture

the european space agency has revealed a plan to print parts out of metal, it is a good few years from any practical application, the main problem being air bubbles in the metal powders


inside gcp

last year I spent nine months  at a medical training company in los angeles trifecta.  during my time there I was lucky enough  to work with the talented  animator and director Jan Wanstad.  together with a team of animators we  created the single  longest piece of animation I have ever worked on, the finished piece clocked in at almost 30 minutes ! rendered in a combination of 3dsmax, after effects  and cinema 4D it received a standing ovation at the ASIA training conference.  check out this  ‘making of film’ I made :

some of my original storyboards

some 3d models, inspired by members of the staff at trifecta …. but I’m not saying which ones :]