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Zizkov Cemetery, Prague

One of the more inspirational places I have had the pleasure of working was at UPP in Prague.


I rented an apartment through AirBB near in the old Jewish Cemetery in Zizkov. For as long as I can remember I have been a fan of Cemeteries and the one in Zizkov out of all of them is the most hypnotic.

Other than sleeping or working on big budget films like Wonderwoman or Allied this is the place were I spent most of my time.

Cemeteries have that timeless nature that reminds us of our own mortality. All the great, wise, talented people that occupy these spaces once had thoughts and worries. Just like living.

I returned from Prague in the Spring. Leaving Zizkov and it’s dead to rest in peace.

directing and cinematography

Creating a new directing and cinematography is a tricky thing for an editor.  Probably the best argument why you should avoid editing your own  work. All that being said I feel proud of my latest reel, it only took me four years to complete. Full  breakdown available on request.

Special thanks to  you to all those brave souls who let me point a camera at them and also for additional photography,  Paul Deng, Matthias Grunsky, Richard Walshe, Paul Lucas and Bhaskir Maj. MUISC: FKA twigs – two weeks. SHOT ON:  RED Scarlet / Canon 5D / 7D ;  Vintage Nikkor & Canon L Series  Glass.




london baby

LONDON BABY focuses on the relationship of two women, Lauren and Natalie, who live together in London.

As the strong-willed Lauren looks to secure their relationship with a child, free spirited Natalie seeks ways to maintain her freedom.

The short films proposes that deep down in our hearts, we all know the reason we are alone.

The film runs 12 minutes and  features an all star indy soundtrack with  Clap your Hands and Say Yeh,  Arpline and Cuushe.  Shot guerrilla style using canon 7D & Nikkor primes.

Staring Aimee Rivers & Suzanne Wilson / Written – Aimee Rivers / Produced – Aimee Rivers & Suzanne Wilson /  Director, Editor & Cinematographer – Adam H Stewart

best cinematography

When you’ve been editing  footage you shot for as long as I have have it’s really  refreshing  to just sit back and enjoy something you didn’t shoot or edit.  This round up of the best cinematography of 2014 comes from Jacob T. Swinney  & the website No Film School.

I fully expect my current experimental masterpiece ‘sooner or Later I will change’ to be included in next years edit. there is a shot in there from ‘gone girl’ if you’ve read my post me & david fincher you’ll know just how close I am.

me & david fincher

It turns out that David Fincher and I are only about 2K apart, in workflow at least. This interesting video from Adobe outlines his post production workflow on gone girl which mirrors my post production workflow using Adobe Premiere & After Effects. He shoots with the 6K Dragon Sensor RED I own and shoot with the 4K MX Sensor RED, I thoroughly enjoyed Gone Girl and hope my next horror short ‘dedicated’ which I’ll be shooting on the RED with Nikkor primes will look just as good and be every bit as thrilling.

cinematography reel

cinematography reel

This needs an update but is a broad selection of camerawork from several projects, personal and commercial. Additional photography Paul Deng, Matthias Grunsky, Paul Lucas and Bhaskir Maji.

Filmed using a combination of camera’s, primarily Canon 5 & 7D, but there is also some RED footage lurking in there., alls sorts of glass but my favourite weapon of choice these days in my collection of vintage Nikkor primmes.

Full shot breakdown on request.