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Animation Reel 2019

For us creative types cutting a new reel is like timing a Bonzi tree. It is a perpetual process that can take many years to perfect and no matter how much you snip, snip, snip there is always going to be more work to be done and nobody else is going notice any difference.  With all that said, I present my latest and eh greatest animation reel, check back in a few weeks and undoubtedly there will another newer even better version that is two frames shorter.

Abe’s Story

In Victorian London, Abe an obscure Irish writer struggles to find inspiration while he balances the demands of his hectic day job as theatre manager.

Starring Colin O’Donoghue as Abe, David Bamber as Henry, Owen Roe as Richard and Jonathan Ryan as Arminius Abe’s Story takes it’s visual inspiration from Victorian Shadow puppet theatre.

Written by Adam H. Stewart and Garry Walsh Abe’s Story represents the first foray into animation for Snackbox Films and will premiere at the 2019 Galway Film Fleadh in July.


directing and cinematography

Creating a new directing and cinematography is a tricky thing for an editor.  Probably the best argument why you should avoid editing your own  work. All that being said I feel proud of my latest reel, it only took me four years to complete. Full  breakdown available on request.

Special thanks to  you to all those brave souls who let me point a camera at them and also for additional photography,  Paul Deng, Matthias Grunsky, Richard Walshe, Paul Lucas and Bhaskir Maj. MUISC: FKA twigs – two weeks. SHOT ON:  RED Scarlet / Canon 5D / 7D ;  Vintage Nikkor & Canon L Series  Glass.