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elgin park

As a model maker in the 3D realm I find this story fascinating.   ‘Elgin Park is a lot of things: a 1950’s utopia, a fantastical world, and an optical illusion. Artist Michael Paul Smith’s imaginative town – composed entirely of miniatures.’  

View Michaels work on his Flickr page:

Director: Danny Yourd (
Cinematographer: John Pope
Production Company: Animal (
Editor: Mike LaHood
Sound Design/Mix: Defacto Sound

best cinematography

When you’ve been editing  footage you shot for as long as I have have it’s really  refreshing  to just sit back and enjoy something you didn’t shoot or edit.  This round up of the best cinematography of 2014 comes from Jacob T. Swinney  & the website No Film School.

I fully expect my current experimental masterpiece ‘sooner or Later I will change’ to be included in next years edit. there is a shot in there from ‘gone girl’ if you’ve read my post me & david fincher you’ll know just how close I am.

monty’s christmas

This year’s John Lewis Christmas campaign features Monty the Penguin and is a heart warming tale of the magic of Christmas seen through a child’s eyes. The advert uses Tom Odell’s cover of John Lennon’s ‘Real Love’ as a result John Lewis sales reached 100 million a week for the first time ever!  As if  further proof was needed of the power of  great storytelling.

Created  by Adam&EveDDB in London, which as picked up nearly ever award this year including Agency of the Year at Cannes.  It deserves every last one of them !