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Another day at the office


The process of photo surveying  involves taking multiple photographs (50-100)  from various angles of an object which is then used by 3D software such Photoscan to create a 3D model.


Today I was photographing Crucifixes for Penny Dreadful Season 3.  An average of 70 shots each, and there were 10 different variations.


No prizes for guessing what I’ll be seeing when I close my eyes to go to sleep tonight…….

The power of music

I am always amazed at the power of music…..

Adventure Club

Last August I was hired by LANDOR, London to create some inspirational edits along the theme of EXPLORER for the eye-ware company MAGRABI

Sigur Ros

I was given  a couple of hours of footage by the client which we whittled  down to less then a minute for A Roll. I  sourced my own B Roll using three tracks as a guide.

Winged Victory for the Sullen

These three finished edits are identical, but for me the music completely changes the feel and tone. What is your favorite ?


Penny dreadful Season 3

photo 1 photo IMG_3312 346C9557

For the last four months I’ve been working on the Showtime TV Series Penny Dreadful currently  shooting it’s 3rd season at Ardmore Studios, Bray Ireland.  I’m in the VFX department working with Supervisor James Cooper and much of my work has been under NDA so I can’t really post much, until the show airs that is …