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Abe’s Story

In Victorian London, Abe an obscure Irish writer struggles to find inspiration while he balances the demands of his hectic day job as theatre manager.

Starring Colin O’Donoghue as Abe, David Bamber as Henry, Owen Roe as Richard and Jonathan Ryan as Arminius Abe’s Story takes it’s visual inspiration from Victorian Shadow puppet theatre.

Written by Adam H. Stewart and Garry Walsh Abe’s Story represents the first foray into animation for Snackbox Films and will premiere at the 2019 Galway Film Fleadh in July.


now you see it



When talent forgets to bring flesh coloured underwear and refuses to go naked (to be honest I don’t blame him it was  a very crowded and cold set) it’s up to the VFX team to  fix things.

Luckily for me the advert was shot in 4K on my RED Scarlet. More pixels means you have more information for tracking, rotoscoping or creating skin coloured patch to cover tightie whities.

Photoshop to the rescue

Taking a single frame of 4K footage into photoshop I painted out the underwear. The skin patch was then tracked using After Effects CC onto the model so it stayed in place during the dolly move. There was little hand tracking to be done to the shape of the mask to keep to compensate for the perspective shift as the camera pushed in.

Be careful with that brush
Be careful with that brush

The next shot required the artist to hold a paint brush up in front of her subject as (if measuring him for her drawing) The problem with the original shot was the white underwear created a big blurry white blob around the models crotch which ruined the ‘mike myers’  gag of teasing the audience that you are just about to see something rude until it’s hidden by a potted plant.


Using another 4K still from RED footage I rotoscoped the models hand holding a paint brush, added some animation to keep it alive and then comped the whole thing in  After Effects using a 3D camera to add realistic motion blur and depth of field.  After some tricky colouring to match the still foreground hand with the raw RED background footage the gag is complete.