I am comfortable working in MAYA or CINEMA 4D with sub divided polygons for hard surface modeling.

hdsizzle129d_0064_00003 AdamStewart_Modelling3_Various

For character design or anything organic I’m a big fan of ZBRUSH.  I work on a cintiq whenever possible as this gives me the freedom of clay modeling which I have done for recreation all my life.

AdamStewart_Modelling2_Character throneRoom_v28_960

I tend towards painting textures in zbrush, if I have time I’ll jump into MARI.

Baseball-Tonight-Logo-ESPN CARRIAGE_01

In LOS ANGELES during my MFA in Production Design I created card and CG models of existing and fantasy structures working with the director and cinematographer to achieve the best use of space for lighting and action.

iron3_0000_notexture CHTV_146_PSP_060000