Previz & Layout

Working as a 3D generalist you are usually a one stop shop and things usually start with previz and layout.

HECTOR’S ROBOT: Every story starts with a beating heart.

M:I:3 : The challenge was to build the film logo from skyscrapers while integrating live action footage in a dramatic way.

TRANSFORMERS :  I blocked out the character animation, roughed out the camera moves and look before handing it off to the team at 1K STUDIOS.

THE PACT: Feature film based on true story, animated and written with Jack Sun.

PENNY DREADFUL S3:  Vital Pre Viz of season opening sequence for construction and producers.

PD3_Train11.1 PD3_Train18_sc102_Rough_StudioLayout

Working with VFX Supervisor James Cooper and VFX Producer Bill Halliday to Pre Viz complex action sequences.

PD3_SC103_Shot13_28mm PD3_T24_sc102_c16_1_40mmTOP

Previz and Layout is an exciting place to quickly figure out the best way to tell a story, I relish the challenge and pressure of the job and I find myself leveraging all my skills as a Filmmaker.